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The full range of Spectra wellbeing programmes can be delivered in a school, environment and will support students, staff and parents to achieve a happy and balanced life. 

Spectra Wellbeing Programmes are complementary to our Me Unlimited programmes designed specifically for students.

The Spectra Wellbeing and Me Unlimited Programmes can be delivered as part of the curriculum, or as after school clubs.

We can train the educators responsible for the personal, social and career education of young people to deliver the Spectra Wellbeing and Me Unlimited Programmes to pupils and students and we can license learning organisations including schools, colleges and universities to use our learning materials. We can also offer accreditation in Coaching, Mentoring and Leading Learning up to Masters degree level linked to our learning materials.

We can also train and approve other suitable people; including peer coaches, learning mentors, parents, business leaders and parents to support aspects of the delivery of the programme in schools, colleges and universities.

Alternatively our well trained and quality assured facilitators can deliver the programmes for you.

We encourage partnerships between businesses and education to enrich the learning experience and to bring wider experiences and expertise to the programme. We also encourage businesses to sponsor a school through the programme and to get really involved in helping children undertake meaningful and planned work experience.

Delivery Methods

Spectra Blue supports career and educational planning and the learning sessions are complimentary to the Me and My Future programme within the Me Unlimited range.

Spectra Red supports students to achieve physical wellbeing including Health, fitness, appearance, hygiene and nutrition. 

Spectra Orange supports social and emotional development and helps students, staff and parents to develop self awareness and other important EI qualities, Participants learn how to work in teams and develop the skills to deal with difficult people related situations at home and at work.  This programme can be used to deal with specific issues such as bullying, overcoming shyness, teamwork, assertiveness and much more. Each session in the programme stands alone and can easily be incorporated into the curriculum.  Spectra Orange is complimentary to the Me and Working with Others programme within the Me Unlimited range.

Spectra Purple supports the development of self esteem, self belief and confidence and is complimentary to the Me and My Life programme within the Me Unlimited range.

Spectra Green supports students to develop life planning skills, develop self awareness and problem solving skills and is also complimentary to the Me and My Life programme within the Me Unlimited range.

Spectra Gold supports students to understand finance and money management.

Spectra Indigo develops good mental health, thinking and learning skills and the ability to cope with negative thought processes helping students to achieve intellect and emotional wellbeing.

The MeUnlimited Programmes

A range of four personal development programmes to prepare learners for life and work.


Click here for more information on the range of MeUnlimited Programmes


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