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Physical Wellbeing

Helping you look good, feel good and improve your health, fitness and body shape

Using our unique and holistic approach to help you increase your energy and zest for life; shed those extra pounds and achieve your ideal weight and look without faddy diets and disappointments.

You will set goals and work with your coach and your group to achieve them; taking part in the spectra red exercise classes that will help you succeed. No other programme on the market offers such a well balanced and healthy approach to weight management at such an affordable price!

As part of The Spectra Red Programme you will have access to our specialist Team, all of whom are well qualified in weight management, nutrition, exercise, image, style, motivation, confidence building and habit busting techniques. Their friendly approach and enthusiasm will help you achieve exceptional results and provide you with the skills and motivation to maintain a healthy and attractive body for life.

What will you gain from joining?

How it works

You will attend a 16, 32 or 48 session programme depending on your personal needs. The programme starts with a one to one consultation to establish your personal goals. You will achieve even greater results if you use the all inclusive gym and attend aerobic classes and if you opt for the all inclusive gym, aerobic classes and weight management programme you can spread the cost to keep your monthly payments to a minimum.

What the Spectra Red programme covers

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