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Our range of programmes and their support materials have been extensively tested and evaluated in a range of sectors and the benefits to organisations, teams and individuals have been well established.

We are totally committed to making these programmes available to as many people as possible.

We work with industry to create a learning culture that starts at the top, helps people realise their personal potential, uses effective training and development methods, and delivers effective workplace coaching and mentoring, particularly in management and leadership skills.

We work with education to create a culture and curriculum that develops students to be independent learners and thinkers who want to raise their asphpirations and attainment, who can plan their own careers and further/higher education in context to personal life goals and who understand how their education supports this.

The unique feature of the student programme is that it enhances rather than conflicts with existing support organisations and their provision. It puts the individual at the centre and equips them to seek support from relevant agencies and bodies including careers specialists, counsellors, training providers and employers on an informed basis.

For the programmes to be at their most effective we need to work closely with our clients to establish the culture, resources, support and environment required to achieve the excellent outcomes that our programmes can deliver.

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