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It is a fact that supporting the personal development and wellbeing of staff results in improved performance at work. Forward thinking employers understand that highly motivated employees with a clear sense of personal direction and clear personal goals deliver above and beyond expectations. It is also true that healthy and happy employees take far less time off work due to illness and stress.

It is not always possible to meet the personal aspirations of all employees but if you support their personal development, even if they don’t stay with you long term, you will benefit from a high performing, motivated workforce.

The Spectra programmes prevent stagnation and toxic energy within the workforce; empowering staff at all levels to set and achieve life, career and job goals and maximise the contribution they make to the achievement of business goals.

The Spectra Blue programme supports talent management, succession planning and career development across the business and is particularly beneficial to businesses.

Spectra Orange supports staff at all levels to develop positive working relationships with colleagues and customers. This programme supports people at all levels to develop their personal influence skills, develop emotional intelligence and improve their communication skills in a wide range of business situations.

The other Spectra wellbeing programmes can also be delivered in the workplace – click here to see more.

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