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The Spectra programmes have been delivered to more than 4,000 people in the UK over the past 8 years, using 1 to 1 coaching and group facilitation methods. The numbers of participants across the UK are now increasing significantly as our team of facilitators expand and programmes are being run within numerous organisations in both the public and private sectors including Education, The NHS, Local Authorities, Government Departments and a wide range of small, medium and large enterprises.

The programme has been delivered to people at all levels and in many roles from Chief Executives in large organisations to Year 9 Students in Schools. The participants have been diverse and have included both genders, different ethnic groups, a variety of ability groups and spanned an age group from 14 to 65.

This has been a major research and development project, giving the Spectra team the opportunity to discuss life and work with people from all walks of life and establish what really makes them happy and motivated resulting in extensive knowledge of what people want from life, what stops them from achieving, how they perform at work, what motivates and de-motivates them, how they learn and develop and what causes them to under-perform, stopping them from achieving full potential and much more.

The formal and informal feedback and evaluation processes consistently indicate that people at all ages and in all roles benefit from the programmes and participants do achieve measurable performance improvement.

The programmes can lead to NVQ, Key Skills, CMS, DMS and MBA accreditation and can form part of a wider development programme.

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